Dirt, it is the fresh of my mother, the Earth. All life exist by the grace of her gifts. without dirt the Earth would be just another rock floating in space. we should celebrate the dirt that we live on and not take it for granted.

We as a people really need to learn to heal the dirt. We can start in our own yards, how you ask? compose for one. We need to learn to compose our green waste and add that back in the soil. I use to live on a hill by a river and for five years I didn’t mow the grass on the hill, I planted wild flowers, and before long I had a beautiful garden that nature landscape. Trees started to grow in this yard and the small animals and birds returned. I composed the little bit of grass I did cut along with all our vegetable scraps and any other green waste that we produced and this gave me some wonderful additives for my garden, after a couple of years the four, three foot by five foot raised beds that I grew started producing more vegetables than we could eat all because I grew the soil first.

We should also teach the children how important the dirt really is to their continued life on this planet, maybe if the next generation started caring more about dirt and the way it is being used then they can start the changes that needs to be made so that humans can survive as a healthy entity on the earth.

Yes, I am a tree hugger and a earth warrior and proud of it.  



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