Joseph Ledington

Hello fellow surfers of the web, pursuers of blogs this is the page that I get the rant all about my self and hopefully not make you think I am a total tool by the time you finish reading my little bio.

My name is Joseph Tee Ledington, but every one calls me Joe. I was born in southern Ohio in Feb of 1961, I grew up in a working class family. My father was from Corbin Ky and only went to the sixth grade, but was one of the smartest men I knew. My mother’s family came from Ireland and Indiana, she passes away when I was in the Army. My mom had one of the biggest hearts of any person I have every met. she never met a stranger and never owned anything that she put above the needs of others. I am a mixture of both these people.

I married the the love of my life, after coming home for the winter after working the 1983 fire season on the Tonto National Forest as wild-land firefighter. We’ve been married 29 years, together we have shared many adventures, had two wonderful human being we call our children and they blessed us with three marvelous grandchildren, our adventure still continues.

I dropped out high school and enlisted in the Army at 17, at 20 I got a job with the Forest Service fighting wild land fires ( Forest Fires) on the Tonto National Forest in AZ. At 23 I was working full time as a carpenter, 25 I went make to college for cabinetmaking, work the next 20 years building cabinets and doing high-end inside trim and carpentry work. 1992 I got hurt and in 2000 it got so bad I couldn’t walk for several months, a few surgeries later I was walking again. I couldn’t work construction, so I went back to school for computer networking.  2011 I decided to go to Wilmington College to finish my B.A. in Graphic Arts & Media Production which is where you can find me now most of the time . I hope to continue on to the University of Cincinnati to get my Masters in Design then I would like to teach.

Well that’s some of the high lights of my life

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park Near Corbin, KY

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park Near Corbin, KY (Photo credit: Jason Barnette Photography)


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  1. Hi Joseph,

    Just want to say thanks for visiting and liking in my blog the other day.
    Hope you enjoy and get benefit from it

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