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I am using a Cannon Rebel Ti2 as my primary camera. I picked it mainly because it was the one I could afford, well not totally true I could of afforded the Ti3 but I know how clumsy I am and while I like the idea of the swing out display I really think I would broke it off at some point. Since the Ti2 and the Ti3 are basically the same camera with small difference that didn’t make a difference to me I went with the safer choice. I have both the 18 to 55 EF-S and the 55 to 250 EF-S cannon lens and a Sureshot flash unit a long with a couple of older flash units I had from my film days that I use with slaves, so I can use them as fill lighting or a background.

English: Comparison of EF (left) and EF-S (rig...

English: Comparison of EF (left) and EF-S (right) lens mounts. Note raised raised ring on EF-S lens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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