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Recycling Myself

Some would say I am to OLD to go back to school to them I say BAH, they are the same ones that said don’t go to art school you can’t make a living doing that, they are the ones that are always whispering in our collective ears telling us not to follow our passions or be happy in a profession you enjoy just because they listened to the collective voices in their ears so they join the collective so they could add to the noise. Now I am fifty one I live on SSI that pays me a incredible $617.00 a month. I have a lot trouble standing for any time and my knees are shot, but I believe most of this could turned around if I could get the right medical help. I can’t see myself excising like this for the rest of my live which is what the government has more or less decide that I should do. I should mention that my injuries were on the job so it’s been a long on going fight for the last twelve years. but I am optimistic that I can still get myself healthy and back to work in a good paying job. How might you ask I am going down that path that everyone told me not to I am pursuing my degree in ART and media production, and I am going to use this blog to recorded my journey. I still plan on doing woodworking for those who my read woodworking blog, Sleepydog’s Wood shop and I am hoping that I can learn to do more with video, which I have been wanting to do for a long time. Look for my art work on this blog and feel free to contact me I am always looking for feedback

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