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The Walk Across Bridge

What do you do to relax after an especially stressful day?.



This is the walk across bridge over the Ohio river from the KY side into Cincinnati. This bridge was the prototype for the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Bushie Tail Nut Hunters

Some Days I Feel Like a Nut!

This guy and a few of his relatives like to chirp and squeak at me and other students from his lofty perch in the tree every morning as I go into class. This morning I just happen to have a camera, not my DSLR but my smaller point and shoot with me, so I snapped  a picture of him just after he ran up the tree and turn to give me his daily report of what ever it is that squirrel’s thinks is important to communicate to us humanes.

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where summer and autumn meet


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A Wild Selection of Drinks

Pumpkin Pie Pop

I took both of these photographs in the soft-drink section at Jungle Jim’s in Eastgate Ohio. The whole store is a photographers play ground with all the colors and textures available and a wild selection of drinks to choose from if you get thristy.

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Jungle Jims Photo Op


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Happy Halloween


pumpkins on a wagon

Pumpkin time


Nothing says Halloween more to me than pumpkins. I caught this picture one morning on my way to school.




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