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Meet My Family

I would like to introduce everyone to my family each weekCali waiting to be feed.

Cali waiting to be feed.

This blog is about my life and the way I see it through my camera, and like most photographers, my family is some of my best subject matter. That is why I want to start sharing some of their pictures that I take of them, starting with the youngest in the family. Her name is Cali and she is a five month old kitten, and while she had a rather rough start in life she is a ball of energy now and the sunshine of my days.

Cali sleeping in the window

Cali sleeping in the window


I had to bottle feed her until she was about two weeks old because she was the only kitten born in her litter that lived and her mother couldn’t produce enough milk to feed her at first so I bottle feed her. A few days after she was born I found an orphaned litter with six kittens, and I let Cali’s mom feed them in hope that her milk production would pick-up, which it did. I hoped that Cali would start feeding also, but these kittens where a couple of weeks old and a lot bigger than her and she wasn’t strong enough to fight her way in to eat so I continued feeding her. After a week of this I found these kittens mother and was able to get them back to her accept for two that I let stay with Cali and her mom and they all seemed to do ok including Cali even though I would have to occasionally feed her.


Cali drinking from a glass

Cali Thinks whats mine is hers



She think’s what ever I eat or drink she should too!



Cali just being cute



Cali sleeping in my wife’s purse



Taking a break from tearing up my schoolwork



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