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Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

Nov-028-1 Nov-029-2 Nov-046-3 Nov-049-4 IMG_3718


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IMG_0235IMG_7462IMG_6056IMG_0228Reflection for me is about light and the way it reflects in a photo, giving a simple picture a distinct mood and drama.

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Bushie Tail Nut Hunters

Some Days I Feel Like a Nut!

This guy and a few of his relatives like to chirp and squeak at me and other students from his lofty perch in the tree every morning as I go into class. This morning I just happen to have a camera, not my DSLR but my smaller point and shoot with me, so I snapped  a picture of him just after he ran up the tree and turn to give me his daily report of what ever it is that squirrel’s thinks is important to communicate to us humanes.

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